Are Bengal cats good house pets?

Cats are one of the most common household pets around the World. They bring companionship and coziness to their owners. They are different breeds of cats that have various traits and appearances. One which we are going to be talking about in this article is known as the Bengal cat. Bengal cats are crossbreeds having an Asian domestic origin. They have a wild appearance and could sometimes get aggressive. However, they are often used as household pets. This begs the question; Are Bengal cats good house pets?  

In this article, we are going to discuss whether or not the Bengal cat is a good house pet.

Bengal cats at home

Most Bengal cats have the appearance of a wild look, which springs up the question, are Bengal cats good house pets? But the Bengal cats are, however, very friendly and bond very well with families and kids. 

However, Bengal cats are not affordable unless you can get one from a rescue network. Buying a Bengal cat from a breeder might cost around $1, 500 to $3, 000. But getting one from a rescue network can cost around $200 to $300.

Owning a Bengal cat would also require some amount of money for maintenance. This includes vaccinations and vet consultation in the first year. 

You can get some more details about the maintenance, feeding, and other requirements that come with owning a Bengal cat

Bengal cats are affectionate and like playing with toys; they are even known for playing games with their owners just like dogs. This breed of cats also has a very good memory which could sometimes make them paranoid. The Bengal cats could stay away from certain rooms in the house if they once got stuck in that room.

If you have other pets in your house, you do not need to be bothered because the Bengal cats get along with kids and other pets. However, they are very good hunters due to their wild nature so you should keep prey far away from them. Rabbits, birds, mice could be preyed on by the Bengal cats. 

With its characteristics, the Bengal cats can easily integrate into any household and are very affectionate pets.

Are Bengal Cats good pets?

The Bengal cats have a good reputation for living with families and bonding well. However, Bengal cats could feel lonely, bored if not given enough attention. This could lead to some unusual behavior such as aggression. Aside from that, these cats are very social animals and can blend in with dogs and other animals except for their prey.

If you have kids, you do not need to be bothered as these cats get along very well with children. However, kids should be introduced to Bengal kittens (when they are younger) rather than when they are older.

The bottom line is this; Bengal cats are friendly and affectionate house pets and they can be kept around the household. Although they bond with kids, you should introduce them to kids when they are still kittens. To avoid aggression, make sure that your Bengal cats are not bored or isolated. Buying Bengal cat's toys can help keep them entertained.

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Bengal kittens

Things to consider before buying a Bengal cat

Buying a Bengal kitten is a good idea for anyone who wants to own a pet. However, a Bengal cat comes with a lot of other responsibilities. It is not just a question of ‘Are Bengal pets good house pets?’ but also a question of ‘can I afford a Bengal cat?’ This is one of the points we are going to consider before buying a Bengal cat. It’s Price

  • Price

A Bengal kitten is one of the most expensive breeds of kittens in the World. At $1, 500 to $2, 500, there are not the most affordable cats around. However, you can get at a rescue house at an affordable price of around $300. Although this price is more affordable, you cannot bypass the cost of maintaining a Bengal cat. In the first year, you will need to spend around $600 for maintaining the cats. These expenses include Vet consultations, vaccinations, etc. You will also need to consider the cost of feeding and other stationeries like feeding bowls, hairbrushes, pet carriers, ID tags, and so on.

  • Bengal Cats health Issues

Just like all cats, the Bengal cat's health issues could be hereditary. If you buy the cats from a good breeder, then they would have done something about the health problems. Some of these health issues include Cataracts (cloudy eye lens), progressive retina atrophy (progressive blindness), and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (heart disease).   As a cat owner, it is advisable to get pet insurance for your cat. This is the most effective way of getting tackling any sudden health problem with your Bengal cat. This would cost some cash so you should be ready to take this responsibility.

Frequently Asked Question and answers

Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?

Although a cat being completely hypoallergenic is a myth, Bengal cats have fewer allergies compared to other breeds.

Is Pet Insurance expensive?

Pet insurance for mixed breeds is more expensive than for pure breeds. This is because hereditary health problems are more common in mixed breeds. Recall that the Bengal cat is a mixed breed which means that more expenses would be required for its treatments

Are Bengal cats prone to blindness?

Bengal cats are prone to cataract disease which is caused as a result of the cloudiness of the eye lens. This is one of the most common Bengal cat health issues. Although this occurs with age, it can be hereditary with young kittens getting it from an older generation.

How long can Bengal cats live?

Bengal cats can live between 12 to 16 years with proper hygiene and good feeding. The Bengal is known to be a healthy breed.

In conclusion, getting a Bengal cat as a pet is a good idea as they are home friendly and good with kids and families. If you are looking for an answer to the question, Are Bengal cats good house pets? then the answer is Yes.


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