Are Exotic shorthair cats friendly?

Originated about 50 years ago, the exotic shorthair cats are one of the most expensive cats in the World. These breeds are made from Persian and American shorthairs. Having a nice appearance and soft fur, the exotic shorthair cats are also very affectionate. Exotic cats are also very sociable and good house pets. Cats are generally friendly, cozy, and warm creatures. They are known for being calm and gentle and are regarded as one of the best options for house pets. However, cats could get very aggressive and eventually hurt the people around them. This triggers the question; Are exotic shorthair cats friendly?

In this article, we are going to discuss the nature of exotic shorthair cats.

Exotic shorthair cats

The exotic shorthair cat is very similar to the shorthair Persian cat breed and only has a slight difference in their coats. The Exotic cats have an American/British origin making them a mixed breed. They have a gentle and loving personality. This is why there are considered to be friendly and good house pets

Despite all the nice features of this cat, they do not come for cheap and are only available for $800. Although you can get them for affordable prices at rescue homes, the exotic cats also cost a few bucks to maintain.

Are Exotic shorthair cats friendly?

Exotic shorthair cats have some unique characteristics and personality that makes them considered as friendly cats. They are gentle and calm; the exotic shorthair cats are also energetic and entertaining to everyone including other pets. These shorthair Persian cats have a personality that makes them shy and paranoid sometimes. Exotic cats are also well suited to an apartment lifestyle which makes them a good option for house pets. They can be very good hunters which means that you should keep away other pets like rabbits, mice, and birds. Also, exotic cats can become unpredictable if they are given little attention.

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Things to know about the exotic shorthair cats

  • They could be born with longer hairs

Persian breeds have long hairs and the exotic shorthair cats carry these genes along with them. It means that they could be born with a recessive gene of the Persian cats which they were made from.

  • All-round exotics

The exotic shorthairs are sometimes described as all-around due to their appearance and body characteristics. They have round eyes, round ears, round heads, round paws, and a relatively round body. This is why the exotic cats are regarded as ‘all-round’

  • They are mostly shy in the presence of strangers or visitors

Although exotic cats are sociable and friendly, they can also be paranoid and shy when there is a visitor. If there is a stranger, exotic shorthair cats would prefer to stay closer to their owners to feel safe.

  • Exotic shorthair cats are the second most famous cats

This fact is according to the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). These cats are known to be loyal, affectionate, and also energetic. 

Health issues with Exotic shorthair cats

Just like any other cat breed, the exotic shorthair cats have illnesses and diseases that could affect them. Exotic shorthair breeders have the responsibility of managing the cat's health problems.

They are prone to some eye diseases as well as some kidney problems. These could be health issues that occur as a result of the age of the cat or they could be genetic.

Below are some genetic problems that Exotic cats are vulnerable to:

    • Polycystic kidney disease (PKD): This is a common problem with exotic cats. According to research, 30% of cats are likely to suffer this disease in their lifetime. This disease causes a cat’s kidney failure in removing metabolic waste which might lead to vomiting, weight loss, and increased urination.
  • Respiratory problems: due to the shape of the skull.
  • Eye Problems: i.e Cataract and progressive retina atrophy. 
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: This is a heart disease that is common to cats

To tackle these health issues, you will need to have pet insurance as this will help you reduce the hefty costs of treatments. If you bought the cat from good Exotic shorthair breeders, then they should have outlined the medical history of the cats. 

Frequently asked questions and answers

Are Exotic cats friendly?

The exotic cats have a friendly appearance and they are also easygoing pets. Exotic shorthair cats are also good house pets and are very friendly.

How big are Exotic shorthair cats?

Exotic cats could grow as big as 12 inches.

What is the lifespan of an Exotic cat?

An exotic shorthair cat can live from eight to fifteen years.

What is the weight of an Exotic cat?

Exotic cats are round in shape with an average size. They weigh about 3.2 to 5kg (7-12 Ibs) when they are fully developed.

Exotic cats are not just friendly but also affectionate and lovable. If you want to get these types of cats as pets, it is not going to be a question of ‘Are Exotic shorthair cats friendly? Because these cats are everything you will need from a good house pet.


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