Are our Siberian kittens expensive?

Siberian kittens, just as their name implies, originated from Siberia. Siberia is a region in Russia that has long and harsh winter periods. This weather condition influenced the coat of the Siberian cat as they have strong bodies. Just like most cat pets, the Siberian kittens are very loving and get along with children. However, the Siberian cats are one of the most expensive in the world. The price alongside the cost of maintenance could be a lot for these cat breeds. In this article, we are going to discuss how expensive Siberian cats are

If you want to own a Siberian cat, you should have an idea of how much money it would cost you. 

Price of a Siberian cat

The Siberian kitten would cost a good amount of money to purchase from a good and reputable breeder. Additionally, you would also spend some more money on maintenance every month. These are all required to keep the health of the Siberian cat. There are a lot of Siberian kittens for sale at reputable breeding farms at the cost of $1, 200 to $4, 000. 

If you are wondering “why are Siberian kittens expensive?” Here is the answer. The Siberian kittens cost a lot because the demand surpasses the supply of these cats outside its native Russia. Not until 1991, export of this cat was not allowed by Russia hence the high price. 

Alternatively, adopting a Siberian kitten could come for as low as $100 to $120. Although you would still have to spend more on adopting a Siberian kitten than on maintenance, the most important part is finding a good breeder. 

Where to get a Siberian cat: Siberian kitten for sale

There are two major ways you can get a Siberian kitten: you can adopt one from a rescue network or purchase from a reputable breeder. 

  • Buying from a breeder

Buying from a breeder would cost at least $1, 200 and it could be a daunting task to find a reputable breeder. Before buying a Siberian cat, you should get some information from the breeder. 

Reputable Siberian cat breeders should;

  • Have years of experience in breeding the Siberian kittens
  • Have genetic information about the cats
  • Medical history and files of the cats should be available.

These are very essential details that should be gotten when trying to spot a good breeder. If the breeder cannot afford to provide the above information, then that is a red flag; my advice is “Run”.

  • Adopting from a rescue or shelter

A cheaper alternative for getting a Siberian kitten is by adopting from shelters that specialize in these breeds of cat. For $100, you can get a Siberian cat from local rescue networks or shelters. You can also do some search on sites like or 

Adopting a pet or buying from a breed are all good options. Nevertheless, the cost of maintenance of the Siberian cats has to be fulfilled. The cost of maintenance is a very important aspect to take note of and cat owners must take responsibility.

Want to adopt a healthy kitten for your family?

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Siberian kittens

Cost of Maintaining a Siberian cat

 A Siberian cat would need some care and medical attention in addition to all other feeding expenses. Below is a breakdown of some costs associated with owning a Siberian cat.

  • Medical and Vet visits

Although the Siberian cat is generally strong, it is important to budget a few bucks for regular vets’ visits. This could cost around $50 to $150 every year. With the Russian-bred Siberian, chronic disease is rare as they are one of the healthiest cats. However, spaying and neutering could make your cats healthier. 

Spaying and neutering help halt reproduction if you do not want to breed the cats and this process could cost around $60 to $100. 

  • Grooming

With their origin from harsh winter weather in Siberia, Siberian cats have a strong coat of three layers. This breed of cats would require that you brush their hair daily. 

Also, brushing the nails and teeth is very essential for the Siberian cat; to avoid tooth or nail-related diseases. 

If you would prefer to hire a groomer, then this might cost at least $50 per session.

  • Feeding

The Siberian kitten needs good nutrition as they are a very healthy breed of cats. They feed on chicken gizzard and beef hearts along with other wet foods. It would cost around $75 per month to buy feed for these cats.

Health issues

These cat breeds are some of the healthiest cats in the World. Siberian cat breeders have the responsibility of managing any underlying health condition when breeding them. However, they are prone to heart disease which is common with most other cat breeds. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a heart disease that thickens the heart muscles and eventually causes heart failure. It is advisable to consult the vet to perform a screening.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How big can a Siberian cat get?

Siberian cats are naturally big cats and could grow up 14 inches.

How much does a Siberian cat weigh?

A Siberian cat could weigh within the range of 12 pounds to 26 pounds

What is the eye color of a Siberian cat?

A Siberian cat could have green or a gold colored-eye

What type of coat do Siberians have?

Siberians have a long wooly, and resistant coat due to its origin from a harsh winter region. This coat helps protect them from the weather conditions.

What is the lifespan of a Siberian?

A Siberian cat could live from about 5 to 20 years with maximum nutrition and care.

Do Siberian cats like Milk?

It is not advisable to give your Siberian cat milk. However, they prefer to take wet foods and chicken meals.

Siberians are one of the healthiest cats in the world and for a price of at least $1, 200 in addition to maintenance cost, are Siberian kittens expensive? Are they worth the price? Considering that they can also be cheaper when adopting, having a Siberian as a pet is not a bad idea.


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