How much are exotic shorthair cats?

The prices of exotic shorthair cats vary with different factors including the fact that they are man-made breeds. The cost of maintenance is also an expense that should be considered. 

Exotic shorthair cats were made from cross-breeding Persians with American shorthairs. With a dense coat, the shorthair cats are an easy-going and friendly breed of cats. They are also known as the lazy man’s Persian as they could sit down for long while glooming their hairs.

These breeds of cats are also one of the most expensive cats in the world. 

In this article, we are going to be talking about the prices of an exotic shorthair cat.

Cost of an Exotic shorthair cat

The price of an exotic cat varies and depends on different factors. Exotic shorthair breeders can sell these cats for different prices. 

They are available from $800 to $2, 000 depending on the breeder you bought them from. Full registered exotic shorthair breeds can even start at higher prices. They could go from $1, 200 to $2, 200

Where to get an Exotic shorthair cat

 There are lots of ways to get exotic shorthair kittens for sale. These cats can be purchased from reputable exotic shorthair breeders with experience in breeding exotic cats. Alternatively, you can get good breeders from online catteries that will give you quality exotic cats.

Below are some reputable breeders where you can get exotic cats:

  • My Exotic Furs

My Exotic Fur is a breeding camp that specializes in breeding exotic cats. They are also certified by the Cat Fancier’s Association. My Exotic Fur is accustomed to breeding a few but quality kittens on their farm. Vaccination of cats is done before they are moved to their new homes. 

To get more information on my Exotic Fur, visit their official website at

  • Harnas cat

Harnas cats is another Exotic farm that breeds beautiful Exotic cats. They also have highly responsive staff that attend to customers. You can also be assured of kittens that are free of illnesses. 

For more information about harnas cat, visit

  • Ziakatz

The numbers of Exotics kittens on this farm alone are more than that of the harnas and Exotic furs. These cats all have medical and health records and files to make sure that buyers get the most suitable exotic kittens available. It also makes sure that the exotic cats are healthy and free from illness.

Visit their website at to get more information

Want to adopt a healthy kitten for your family?

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exotic shothair kittens

Cost of maintaining an exotic cat

Exotic shorthair kittens can cost a lot of money when it comes to maintenance. Just for feeding, you could spend over $500 a year. Below is a breakdown of the cost of maintaining an exotic cat.

  • Pet Insurance 

Pet Insurance is a very important step to take when you adopt or buy an Exotic cat. Insurance is advisable in the first year after buying or adopting the cat. This insurance is necessary to avoid paying hefty bills to vet doctors whenever the cat gets ill. 

Insuring exotic shorthair cats is one of the cheapest in terms of costs. For as low as $16 per month, you can get the Insurance of your exotic cat covered. This amount sums up to around $200 annually. 

  • Microchip for your cats

Microchipping your cats is necessary in cases when they go missing or escape. A microchip will make it easier to track them in these instances. Microchips also have a temperature reader that makes it easier for the vets. A microchip with a temperature reader could cost around $45.

  • Spay/Neutering

Spaying or neutering your exotic shorthair kittens is important if you do not want them to reproduce. These practices enhance your cats health-wise and prevent the males from being aggressive and bossy. It costs around $300 to spay your exotic cats; however, you can do it for as low as $40 with non-profits. But be prepared to endure a long wait when dealing with a non-profit.

  • Litter box

A litter box is essential and it requires regular renewal as it could get damaged from frequent scratching by the cat. You will need to spend around $40 for a little box.

  • Bed

Exotic cats are very playful; however, they are mostly asleep during the daytime. They will need comfortable beds to sleep and this will cost around $25. 

  • Toys

Like we said earlier, exotic shorthair cats are very playful and will need to entertain themselves when they get bored. Around $5 to $12 will be able to purchase some toys for your cats.

The costs of maintaining an exotic shorthair cat could cover other expenses such as cat carrier, grooming brush, scratching posts, and other things. If you sum up all these costs annually, then you would be spending around $1, 000

Frequently asked questions and answers

Are Exotic cats friendly?

The exotic cats have a friendly appearance and they are also easy going pets. Exotic shorthair cats are also good house pets and are very friendly.

How big are Exotic shorthair cats?

Exotic cats could grow as big as 12 inches.

What is the lifespan of an Exotic cat?

An exotic shorthair cat can live from eight to fifteen years.

In Conclusion

Exotic shorthair cats are great house pets despite their high price and cost of maintenance. You can get them from good and reputable breeders or rescue homes at a cheaper price.

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