How much are Himalayan kittens?

The Himalayan cat is a breed that originates from the mix of a Persian cat and a Siamese. These cats are very loving and affectionate house pets. The Himalayan kittens are one of the most popular and EXPENSIVE breeds of cats in the World. This fact means that they are priced at a very high value and it would cost a few bucks to purchase and maintain these cats. So, how much are Himalayan kittens

The price of the Himalayan kitten cannot be said exactly. However, Himalayan cats are priced based on different factors such as their size, and age. 

Another factor that could affect the price of a Himalayan is the demands and the reputation of the breeder. 

Price of a Himalayan cat

The cost of purchasing a Himalayan cat varies with different factors. Himalayan cats cost from $800 to $2, 500 from good breeders. However, they could come for cheaper when adopting one or get them from a rescue or shelter. 

Despite the expensive price of purchasing a Himalayan cat, you will still need to spend some more money on maintaining the cat. Later in this article, we are also going to talk about the cost and expenses of maintaining a Himalayan cat.

Where to buy these cats: Himalayan cats for sale

Getting a Himalayan cat could be a difficult task as you will need to find a reputable breeder if you need a quality cat. 

However, with a detailed guide, you can get good Himalayan cats for sale at the right price. It is advisable to buy a cat from a breeders farm that is approved by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA)

If you meet with a local cat breeder, there are some things to take note of before purchasing the cat. This information will help you better in spotting a good cat breeder.

  • How many years of experience does the breeder have?
  • Is the breeder a specialist in breeding Himalayan cats?
  • How long has the breeder been breeding the Himalayan cat you want to buy?
  • What is the medical history of the cat?
  • How many cats does the breeder breed annually?

These questions should be the best metric to measure the reliability of the breeders. 

 Although the questions above can help spot the right breeder, you should also take note of some red flags. Below are some things you should watch out for when dealing with a breeder.

  • Failure to provide files and medical history of the cat
  • Breeders who charge for cats based on the appearance or looks of the cat is a big red flag
  • If the breeders are not concerned about how you will take care of the cat then it is another red flag. Breeders that dedicate their time to a cat would want to make sure that the cats are in safe hands.

All the above information is very vital in finding the right breeder to buy a cat. 

Alternatively, you can adopt a Himalayan cat from a shelter or rescue home. When adopting a cat from a shelter, you might go through a series of applications and interviews. It is to make sure that you are capable of taking care of the cat.

Want to adopt a healthy kitten for your family?

Himalayan kitten pets
Himalayan kittens

Cost of Maintaining a Himalayan cat

Buying a Himalayan cat is not just where the cost ends. Daily upkeep and other things eventually lead to spending some more money monthly. To take care of a Himalayan cat, there are some requirements you will need aside from feeding expenses. Vet consultation in the first year and also Pet Insurance is important when taking care of a cat. 

Below is a breakdown of the cost of maintaining a Himalayan cat. 

  • Food

Himalayan cats are one of the largest cats in the World which means they take a good amount of food daily. For a Himalayan kitten, you might be spending around $10 a month on food. However, larger size himmies could cost up to $30 a month for feeding.

  • Grooming

This breed of cats has nice long hair which means that they require some care in this aspect. Grooming your Himalayan cat with a brush is necessary while bathing them once a month must also be done. Brushing their teeth will also be needed to avoid tooth diseases. For these things, you will have to spend some money on shampoo, paste, toothbrush, hairbrush, and other things.

  • Medication and vets

The health of your cat should be one of your priorities and constant medical checkup is a necessity. Prevention medication against tick and flea pm should be considered. Medications for a Himalayan cat could cost about $20 to $50 every month. 

  • Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is very important for your Himalayan kitten. It is better to get them Insured at a young age to reduce costs. You should expect to spend around $15 to $20 in the first year of your cat. However, the prices could go up to $70 every month as the cat gets older.

  • Toys

 A Himalayan cat is also very playful and would do with some entertainment. A few toys will help to keep the cat busy when you are at work. Keep in mind that you would need to spend around $10 to $25 for cat toys. 

In total, the amount you might be spending on a Himalayan cat could be from $100 to $300 every month.

The above expenses highlighted are some of the major costs associated with maintaining a Himalayan cat. However, some additional costs such as a pet sitter (when you are traveling) may apply. 

While a Himalayan cat provides good companionship, it is also not cheap to buy and maintain this breed of cats. There are a lot of Himalayan cats for sale in different breeding farms but the challenge does not deal with only price but also the maintenance cost.

Himalayan Cats Health Issues

As adorable and good looking they may be, these breeds of cats could suffer from hereditary diseases. How much are Himalayan kittens prone to some diseases? Kidney failure and (PRA) could occur with age. However, some of these diseases might be transferred to kittens from an older generation. 


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