How much does a Bengal kitten cost?

One of the most popular pets in the World is Cats. Young cats which are usually called kittens are the favorite pets for so many people. Although the price of kittens varies, they all bring a sense of companionship to households and individuals. The Bengal kitten is one of the most famous breeds of cats around. This kitten is known for its relatively large size and high cost of maintenance. If you want to know how much a Bengal kitten costs, then read this post till the end.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the Bengal kitten; prices, cost of maintenance, and other relevant details about this breed of cat.

What are Bengal Kittens?

The Bengal kittens have a historic origin that roots in hybridization. According to experts, the Bengal kitten came from the hybrid of a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat called ‘Felies’. They are known for their large size and jungle-like appearance. The Bengal cats also have muscular bodies and long hind legs. 

Bengal cats inherited some traits from its older generation which is why it has a wild appearance. However, the color of their eyes varies; they could have brown, gold, and even blue-green eyes (common to snow Bengals). 

How much do Bengal cats cost?

Getting this type of pet, you have to know that it is going to require a good amount of money. You cannot say exactly how much a Bengal kitten cost; however, a price range can provide insight. 

The Bengal kitten is said to cost around $1, 500 to $3, 000. At this cost, you can get a Bengal cat from a good breeder. This price is influenced by a lot of factors; Age, demands, traits, and other reasons may affect the price of a Bengal kitten. 

Bengal cats with higher qualities could even be priced close to $5, 000. These qualities of cats are the ones that are most often used for shows.

Where can I get a Bengal kitten?

When looking for a Bengal kitten, you have to avoid backyard breeders and scammers that promise mouth-watering offers. The price of a Bengal kitten should tell you whether or not it is a good deal. 

Look at the representation of the price range below before making a move to buy the kitten.

Below $500: Obvious red flag! Bengal kitten does not come as cheap as this. If you get any offer such as this, then it is probably a backyard breeder.

$500 to $1, 000: Below a thousand dollars is quite on the low and not advisable. However, at $1, 000 you might need to apply caution. 

$1, 500 to $2,000: at this price, you can get a purebred. This is the average price of a purebred Bengal cat.

$2, 000 to 2, 500: This might be from a breeder with a good reputation and an established breeding business. 

$2, 500: At over $2, 500, you can get a Bengal kitten with a champion bloodline. This would likely be from an established breeder with high demands. Recall that we earlier said that prices could be affected by the demands. 

However, you should find a trusted and experienced breeder that will help you know how much a Bengal kitten costs.

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Bengal kittens

What is the cost of maintenance of a Bengal kitten?

The cost of maintenance of a Bengal kitten would vary with different circumstances. Age, health, environment, and other factors can affect the cost of maintaining this cat. However, we will give you an insight into how much you need to maintain a Bengal kitten

In the first year, you would need around $600 for vaccination, vet consultation, and registration.

This domestic cat maintenance can cost a total of close to $450 annually. Below is a breakdown of the expenses of maintaining a kitten.

  • Cat Food: Young Bengal kittens need premium cat food for healthy growth. This might cost around $100
  • Litter Box: A litter would cost around $15 to $30 and would need to be replaced very often.
  • Collar and ID Tag: An ID tag is very vital in helping cat owners differentiate their cat from another one when it goes missing. These ID tags are available for around $10 to $25.
  • Carrier: A carrier is used to move pets around when going out. When going out, a comfortable pet carrier would be needed. You can purchase them online or from a local pet store. Pet carriers are available from $40 to $60.
  • Bed: Bengal kittens spend over two-third of the day sleeping. A comfortable bed will only cost around $15 to $30.
  • Shampoo: Washing the kitten’s body would require a shampoo that only costs $10 to $20 
  • Feeding bowls: Feeding bowls and water bowls for your cat might cost just from $10
  • Toothpaste and Brush: A paste and toothbrush are essential for your cat. Getting oral hygiene will cost just $10
  • Hairbrush: Bengal kittens have soft fur and you need a matching hairbrush. You can get a cat hairbrush for as low as $7

Other facilities like toys, nail clippers, and scratching posts can also be added to these expenses. Approximately this would sum up to $300 to $400. 

Affordable Bengal Kittens

At $1, 500 for a pet, a Bengal kitten might be very expensive for a lot of pet lovers. However, you can get an affordable Bengal kitten from a rescue network. You can get them for as cheap as $300 to $400. 

Since you know how much a Bengal kitten costs, the $300 will seem like a bargain.


Frequently Asked Question and Answers

What is the life span of Bengal cats?

Bengal cats have a life span from 6 years to 12 years.

Are Bengal cats friendly with Children?

Bengal cats are very friendly with children and it is the best choice for families. However, you should avoid bringing rabbits, mice, and any other of its prey close to it.

What is the Weight of a Bengal cat?

Male Bengal cats are sometimes two times the weight of the females. The male could weigh about 15 Ibs while the female weighs around 6 Ibs 



A Bengal kitten is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world and like we said in this article, the price can be influenced by different factors. 

However, to know how much a Bengal kitten costs, make sure you consult a reputable breeder. 



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