Shipping Procedure For A Newly Bought Kitten

There are certain procedures required for shipping a newly bought kitten, and you must pay close attention. If you desire to ship in your newly bought pet animal into your country, there are guidelines to follow. You don't just wake up and decide to ship in a pet animal without looking into the requirements. You must plan every step of the shipping process very well. 

It would be best if you made big decisions and a number of important tasks to be completed before the relocation of your kitten. When it comes to shipping your newly bought kitten, we have prepared this comprehensive guide for you. We have highlighted the available options that you have and the safety measures you need to take. Also, we have made available the necessary government permits and regulations you must adhere to when shipping your newly bought kitten. 

Every country has its peculiar laws and regulations guiding the shipment of cats into their country. Although these laws are peculiar to these countries, they are also generally for the same purpose. It is easy for you to get overwhelmed when you are moving your kitten internationally. This is why it is important to consider a cat transport service to help you manage all the paperwork and procedures involved.   


There Are Three Ways You Can Ship Your kitten Through The Airlines.

  • Your kitten can travel on the plane with you either in-cabin or in the cargo. In either case, your kitten will be considered excess/accompanied baggage, and you will be charged accordingly. However, some airlines no longer offer this option. 
  • You can book your kitten on a separate flight. In this case, you will be charged the cargo rate, which is way higher than excess baggage. Also, some airlines no longer provide this service. 
  • You can decide to ship your kitten through a licensed commercial shipper. Here, you will pay for the cargo and the shipper's fee. Most of the airlines use this method unless your kitten is small enough to fit in the cabin. 

Things You Must Consider When Shipping A Newly Bought Kitten

Here is what you need to know about shipping your newly bought kitten from one country to another. 

  1. Country Import Requirements

When you are shipping your kitten to a new country, you need to know all the requirements for such actions. Every country has its peculiar import requirements for kittens and other pets. You need to conduct a little research to find out more about the requirements for your cat. Depending on the country your kitten is being shipped to, there may be additional cost and paperwork needed. Here is a list of possible requirements you may need while shipping your newly bought kitten:

  • Import permit: Every country have their specific import requirements; hence you need to check your cat's destination country to determine the needed import permits. 
  • Government approvals or endorsements: The government must approve your cat's veterinary paperwork before travelling. Some countries require multiple approvals, like the USDA.
  • Vaccination: Some countries are considered to be rabies-free; therefore, they require that cats have updated rabies vaccines. Depending on the country you are shipping your kitten to, other updated vaccines may be required.
  • Quarantine: Different countries require a certain quarantine period, and you will have to pay for the entire duration of your kitten's quarantine. For instance, in Singapore, you will have to pay $242 SDG for every ten days your cat stays in quarantine. Therefore, you need to check the destination country of your newly bought kitten for the quarantine requirements and fees. 
  • Customs clearance: Depending on the destination country, fees for customs clearance vary. The fees can include taxes, brokers, country-specific fees, and tariffs. In New Zealand, charges for importing a pet ranges from $28.19 NSD (fixed) to $ 186.30 NZD.
  1. Your Cat's Vaccination Status

The health status of your cat must be ascertained and certified by a government-appointed veterinarian. It must be done in the parent country before shipping to the new country. Depending on the country that your kitten is coming into, there may be additional vaccines needed. You need to check with your vet to determine your cat's health status so you can start making necessary plans. 

  1. Is Your Timeline Flexible 

Once you have confirmed your travel date, you can begin to build a timeline for your kitten's travel preparations. Shipping a newly bought kitten abroad usually requires at least one to three months of planning. However, suppose you are travelling to a rabies-free country like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, etc.. In that case, you will probably need at least six months to get your kitten ready. 

  1. Get A Good Travel Crate

Once you have settled with all the regulations and other important requirements, next is to get the travel crate for your kitten. You do not only need an airline-approved crate for your kitten; it must be the right size. Also, your newly bought kitten should be used to spending time in this crate. If you don't have a travel crate yet, then there is work to do. 

It doesn't matter if you decide to ship your newly bought kitten by air or land, a crate is necessary. Aside from keeping your cat safe during the journey, a crate also allows the airline or cat transport to safely handle your cat. The crate you choose for your kitten should be large enough to allow your kitten to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around easily. 

  1. Does Your Kitten Require A Microchip?

You need to find out if your kitten needs a microchip. However, even if it's not a requirement, we recommend getting this microchip for your kitten. It will come in handy should you get separated from your kitten or get lost during shipping. 

How International Cat Transport Service Can Help You

If you are moving your newly bought kitten overseas for the first time, it might be overwhelming. You may find it tough to understand the rules and processes involved with shipping your cat overseas. It can become a time consuming and stressful experience. Therefore, it is often recommended that you seek professionals who specialize in handling safe pet travel logistics. You can be confident that your cat will be properly taken care of, especially in unexpected events like weather delays. These professional pet travel agencies will explore the best routing options and determine proper travel kennel size. They will also look into any possible challenges and find ways to overcome them. 

Once you have finalized the deal with any of these agencies, they will swing into action to get all the necessary things done. They will handle the booking of flights and veterinary or USDA appointments for your cat. If you are shipping a pet for the first time, you will be surprised at the paperwork level involved in the process. This is where the experience of these professional agencies comes in. They will work with you, your vet, and all the necessary authorities to finalize all documentation needed for the successful shipping of your cat. 


We have given you a comprehensive and informative guide on the shipping procedure for a newly bought kitten. You will have to go through this post meticulously to not miss out on any of the information we have given out. Shipping pets to a new country is not an easy feat; hence you need the entire guide you can get. We also told you about professional pet shipping agencies. If you don't have the time to do the necessary paperwork involved, you can outsource it to these agencies. 

If you have had a pet shipping experience before, kindly share your experience in the comment box below. You can also share your contributions or let us hear your question regarding pet shipping.   


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